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  • Golf Tournament Fundraisers- With A Difference
    The list grows longer of golf tournament fundraisers that have decided to give it a try this year. But they will not look the same as they did way back in 2019. Courses are scrambling to find ways to
  • Reason for Hope
    Reason for Hope So many cancellations, so many fundraising opportunities lost, so much uncertainty. But here in the sports-related fundraiser world there is now reason for optimism. Even as many
  • Out of the Darkness
      It will be the most comforting, nurturing stroll  these folks take this year. Hundreds will traverse the Walkway Over the Hudson this fall during the Out of the Darkness Community Walk
  • Canceled, postponed or altered events through July
    Here is a list of sports-related fundraiser updates in the Tri-State area through July 2020. For some, there is unhappy news as organizers have had to cancel events, but for others- hope as events
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