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  • Breaking News !!
      A patch of good news in a fear-soddened world. Yesterday the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development sent a statement to the Canaan Country Club that Connecticut golf
  • It’s Our Turn Now
      You see their names all the time, the same ones over and over. You see their names on T shirts at 5K road races and Tee signs at golf tournaments and on lists in “Thank You For Your
  • Golf – The last Sports Refuge ?
    The golf course may be the last sports refuge in these crazy times. At its essence, golf is a solitary sport, and even when enjoyed with others there is a natural distance between players. But even
  • The New Normal
    Just a few weeks ago, the first time I saw an image of the coronavirus it reminded me of a Nerf ball- something a child would play with, not the fearful, hateful thing it has so quickly come to
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