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  • Golf Anyone?
    At a very quick glance, for a moment at least, they will kinda look like us. When Rickie and Matthew take on Rory and Dustin , there will be no crowds, no caddies. They will even ride in carts- just
  • Dammit We Can Drive!
    We will always find ways to express ourselves, no matter how onerous the  restraints. We can’t get together to celebrate a birthday or play a game, we can’t gather to mourn a loss, we
  • Travelers Championship is Back (with changes)
    As sports-related fundraisers are cancelling and postponing all over the Tri-State area this spring,  here is a fresh breeze of good news. Organizers of the Travelers Championship have just announced
  • Cancelled, Postponed and Virtualized
      Event organizers are waiting as long as they possibly can before making the gut-churning decision to cancel or maybe postpone their fundraisers. So much is at stake after all- hours of
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