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  • The crisis has gotten worse
    In the past six months the crisis has gotten worse. In that time deaths have increased 18% in Connecticut according to Hartford HealthCare, and I can’t believe it’s much better elsewhere.
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease
    I don’t think there is a more devastating illness than ALS  (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). This neurodegenerative treachery  robs its victims of muscular control. First it limits and then
  • Golf Tournament Fundraisers- With A Difference
    The list grows longer of golf tournament fundraisers that have decided to give it a try this year. But they will not look the same as they did way back in 2019. Courses are scrambling to find ways to
  • Reason for Hope
    Reason for Hope So many cancellations, so many fundraising opportunities lost, so much uncertainty. But here in the sports-related fundraiser world there is now reason for optimism. Even as many
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