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Roy Sherwood 1932-2017

The ski jumping world along with the Salisbury Winter Sports Association has lost a champion and a  friend.

The very best  seem born to their chosen field. And sometimes, combined with hard work and perseverance, that natural-born talent can launch them towards greatness. You could say it’s in their DNA.

Roy Sherwood was such a man. He was born to jump.

He joined SWSA’s junior ski jumping program in Salisbury at age seven and showed early promise. By age 15 he was winning competitions at Satre Hill in Salisbury, CT. By age 18 Roy was considered one of the best jumpers in the country. In 1954, Roy won the National  Championship and was aiming for the 1956 Olympics.

But then disaster struck- Roy contracted polio.

But Roy would not be denied. He amped up his already-arduous training regimen to  regain the use of his weakened legs, and by 1956 he had returned to full strength, and competed in that year’s Olympic games in Cortina Italy.

Although Roy left his mark on the national and international ski jumping world, his biggest impact was on the young jumpers who followed after him at Satre Hill. Roy was a home town hero, and young jumpers wanted to be just like him. He joined a long tradition of world class athletes who came back to coach and nurture the next generation of jumpers in Salisbury. One of those youngsters was Larry Stone, another home town boy who went on to an illustrious 20 plus year coaching career at Lake Placid, NY.

Roy Sherwood passed away on October 19, 2017 at age 85. He lived long and large and well.

This February 9th-11th, 2018  the Salisbury Winter Sports Association (SWSA) will host the 92nd Annual Jumpfest, a three day ski jumping weekend at Satre Hill in Salisbury which features some of the best junior ski jumping talent in the Eastern US. Some them will someday join Roy  Sherwood as American Olympians.

To learn more about Jumpfest 2018 go to the Everything Else calendar.

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