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Calendars. They  enhance our lives or rule them, depending. Either way calendars help us avoid personal chaos by giving order to our upcoming lives. has calendars to alert readers about their favorite sports-related fundraisers or to inform them of events they were not aware of.

But there is another purpose calendars can serve that I have hoped folks would embrace –  to use sportingAcause calendars to plan events.

Here’s an example. This year organizers changed the date of their event to April 27th. Had they checked the sportingAcause calendar, they would have seen four other run/walk events like theirs already scheduled for that day.

On another date, May 4th, there were six scheduled events. Now there are seven after an event changed last year’s date. A quick review of scheduled events would have shown an already saturated date. Of course, because some of the events are strewn about the Tri-State sportingAcause area, not all of them compete with one another for participants, but some do.

And I know there are many factors that go into choosing an event date- facility and volunteer availability, seasonal considerations, etc. And there are only so many weekends to  choose from which makes it all the more  important to choose the most sparsely populated day for your event.

Let’s face it. there are many,  many non profits out there offering many,  many fundraisers seeking to tap into a finite participant and donor pool. It only makes sense to spread those events out as much as possible to have the best shot at success.

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