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Circadian Challenge 24 Hours Virtual

Quarantine and Social Distancing is making for some weird experiences. Your schedule is already messed up. The kids are grumpy. The cat wonders why you won’t ever leave the house. This is the event for you. Designed to completely mess with your Circadian Rhythm you have the option to collect one or both halves of this sweet ass medal.

Simple. You will have The entire month of July (that’s 31 days!) to designate a 24 hour window during which you will run a night / day or day / night configuration. To earn the coveted medal, you must log 13.1 miles or more during the 12 hour night portion of your event. (i.e. if you cover 13.1 miles between 8pm and 8am then you earn the left side – Night; if you cover 13.1 miles between 8am and 8pm you earn the right side – Day). If you are trying for a buckle the distances you need are: SILVER: 26.2+, GOLD: 50+, ULTRABADASS (any distance). For buckles, you don’t have to run in both halves of the event. i.e. if you are speedy and can do a marathon or 50M in one 12 hour chunk that’s allowed too.

Registration ends June 25 @ 11:59 pm.

NIGHT ELIGIBILITY is 8PM to 8AM ONLY. DAY ELIGIBILITY is 8AM to 8PM ONLY. Any miles run outside of these parameters will not count. Once you select your designated window, you have only one decision: 12 hours night to 12 hours of day, or vice versa. Remember you MUST hit 13.1 miles in each division if you want the full medal.

You MUST log the NIGHT and DAY portions consecutively from the 8am or 8pm start time that you choose. DO I GET A BIGGER MEDAL IF I DO MORE THAN 13.1 MILES DURING EACH HALF OF THE EVENT? CAN I RUN FOR THE FULL 24 HOURS? No, you get the same size medal there chap. And YES you can run the full time if you want! There will be a special award for the top male and female with the most miles during the event! AWARDS: Top 3 men and women get a plaque to place your medals in courtesy of Ragged Cuts.


No, you do not have to run on trails. However, how cool is it to run for 12 hours in the middle of the woods when everyone else is at home sleeping? Track, Road, Trail, Basement, whatever your jam – just get those miles in and embrace the suck that is throwing off your Circadian Rhythm!

You will submit strava/gps file via ultrasignup and also send an email to the Race Director with the Subject Line: LASTNAME – Circadian Challenge – EVIDENCE.

Results will be checked and validated before medals are mailed out.

Only complete half the challenge? You get half the medal.

REGISTRATION COSTS: $46; $15 of your registration goes to cost of medals and shipping to your door; the rest of your entry fee goes BURCS’ Staple Charities (Moments House, Sonsini Animal Shelter, Louison House, etc.)

QUESTIONS can be emailed to RD Benn Griffin at:

THIS EVENT is SPONSORED by BURCS. Since 2013, Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service has organized ultramarathons benefitting non-profits and charities around Berkshire County and beyond. Proceeds are donated from each event.

NO REFUNDS. If you fail to reach 13.1 miles in either the night or day portion of the event, your registration goes as a donation to charity and you get a letter of condolence from the race director and Wally Watermelon.

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