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96th Annual Jumpfest

Excitement returns to Salisbury February 11 – 13, 2022 when the Salisbury Winter Sports Association (SWSA) hosts the 96th Annual Jumpfest, a three-day celebration and competition featuring the best junior ski jumpers in the eastern United States. The jumpers you watch at Satre Hill are Junior National hopefuls, and some will go on to represent the US in the Olympics!

Things to Keep in Mind

We make our own snow. Even if the Winter looks brown outside your window, it’s white over at Satre Hill thanks to our state-of-the-art snow guns.

We will do our part to keep you warm with blazing bonfires hot food and beverages hot and cold- but do dress warm- it’s Winter outside!

If you have never seen ski jumping live, you have never truly witnessed the sport. Standing amidst the ringing cowbells, with crowds cheering on their favorites, hearing skis slapping  against the landing hill as these brave jumpers soar up to 200 feet through the air at speeds up to 50 miles an hour, is something you must experience.

96th Annual Jumpfest 2022

Friday Feb 11th

Friday Night Lights Admission $15

Ticket booth opens at 6:00 pm

Target Jumping Under the Lights 7pm

Human Dogsled Races after target jumping

Saturday Feb 12th

Junior Competition on 20M and 30M jumps  9:30 am.

Salisbury Invitational Ski Jumping Competition Admission $15

Practice 11 am-noon; Competition 1 pm


Sunday Feb 13th

Eastern U.S. Ski Jumping Championships  Admission $15

Practice 11 am-noon; Competition 1pm

The eastern division Junior National Team will be named after Sunday’s competition.

Please note: Children 12 and under free to all ski jumping events.

Proceeds from Jumpfest fund SWSA youth skiing programs.

Please check for program changes and schedule updates.




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What Will Be Our Take-Away?

The following letter appeared in the Jumpfest 2021 program that appeared as an insert in the February 3rd issue of the Lakeville Journal

What will be our take-away from the year just past?

We have seen it all, haven’t we?

Most of us have lost something – our freedom to move about as we’d like, our peace of mind, our dignity, our livelihoods, or for some, even our lives.

Schools and businesses have been shuttered , and we have been denied the company of our families and our friends. Fundraising events  for our beloved charities were canceled.  Some of us have had to swallow our pride and ask for food. Fear and distrust hang in the air like the virus itself.

But we humans are a good and resourceful lot, rising to our many challenges. At the pandemic’s beginning, when masks were in short supply, folks started sewing them and giving them away. As the demands on food banks increased, so too did food drives. Even restaurants with plenty of problems of their own, have gone above and  beyond to provide dinners for those who need them.

And this Christmas time when Santa could not host young visitors, he hopped on a fire truck and visited their homes.

As charities could not hold gatherings for their fundraisers they have relied more heavily than ever on their annual appeals, and donors have responded.

So it has been with SWSA this year. We lost the Brew Ski Fest, a major fundraiser,  but our Golf Tournament was successful and we shared our good fortune with the Jane Lloyd Fund. Our annual Ski Swap was a great success as eager shoppers stood for hours in the drizzle, and our very loyal and generous supporters have responded to our annual appeal.

Yes we have seen it all.

So what will be our take-away from the year just past?

Will there be continued fear and loathing from this too-long crisis, or will we recognize a light at the tunnel’s end along with its accompanying hope?

Here at SWSA, as we jump into 2021, we’re going with hope.

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