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New York Cycle Club Memorial Day Berkshires Ride

You may want to watch out for cyclists on the Tri-State roads Friday May 28 – Sunday May 30 when the New York Cycle Club comes to the area for their annual Memorial Day Berkshires Ride.

Among other places, the group will be riding in the Sheffield/Great Barrington MA are on Friday and Sunday. They will be touring the Lakeville, CT area on Saturday.

The ride distances for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are respectively 35, 55 and 60 miles.

Although this ride is not a fundraiser per se, the New York Cycle Club provides outstanding bicycling activities for the enjoyment and education of members and guests.

  • Furthers bicycling as a means of recreation, transportation, fitness and health.
  • Works with and support organizations that promote cycling to underrepresented populations and advocates for sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Builds bridges among the communities we live in and ride through.
  • Promotes a welcoming, supportive community for our members and guests.
  • The New York Cycle Club is a non-profit organization.

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