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Special Olympics MA  Summer Games  Virtual

Special Olympics MA  Summer Games  Virtual

(Also see listing for the Cruiser Convoy, formerly the Torch Run)

Friday and Saturday, June 12 and 13, 2020.

“Although the 2020 Summer Games in Boston has been canceled due to COVID-19, its spirit lives on through our amazing athletes, Unified partners, coaches and volunteers.

This year, please join us for Virtual Summer Games! This event is open to everyone and is a safe way to compete amongst your friends and peers from across the state. Train and compete from home and come together virtually to celebrate your accomplishments via Facebook and YouTube on June 12th and 13th, 2020.



This competition is a safe way for athletes, young athletes/partners, Unified partners and coaches to keep the spirit of Special Olympics Massachusetts alive by competing from home! Here’s how it works:

  1. CHOOSE YOUR CHALLENGES!Check out all the challenges and practice at home.
  2. PRACTICE!To get ready to compete, check out the Virtual Performance Stations! Once your ready you can start practicing and submit your results for as many challenges as you want. Keep track of your results on paper as you go and then submit all of your results using this online formOriginal deadline extended! You have until Friday, May 29th, 2020 to practice and submit your results.
  3. SUBMIT YOUR RESULTS!Practice all your challenges first and keep track of your results as you go. Fill out this form once you are done practicing. Submit your best results for any or all challenges.You can also submit a video of yourself practicing or a recording of an encouraging message to share!  Original deadline extended! All results from practice are due by Friday, May 29th, 2020. 

Check out our 5 minute overview video and 5 minute results video to recap everything!

Note: In order to follow social distancing and stay at home advisories, you should practice and compete in these activities on your own, at home; however, virtual interactions with your teammates through social media, texts or emails are allowed and encouraged! Coaches can still help virtually with explaining practice activities, collecting and submitting results, and cheering you on.

If you need help or don’t have access to a computer, ask your parent, staff person or coach to help. You can download a hard copy of the registration form as well.

Have questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us at


Choose which challenges you’ll participate in from 11 options! We have noted which sports correspond to which challenges, but you are invited to participate in whichever challenges you’d like, regardless of which sports you typically play.



Once you’ve practiced, competed and submitted your results, join the Special Olympics Massachusetts community from across the state to celebrate! All athletes, young athletes/partners, Unified partners, coaches, family members, volunteers and fans are invited to come together virtually to celebrate everyone’s successes and wins in a virtual Summer Games.

Hear encouraging messages from some familiar faces, and see highlights from the virtual season! Tune in to this celebration on Friday June 12th and Saturday June 13th, 2020 on Special Olympics Massachusetts’ Facebook and YouTube accounts.


Regular physical activity is vital for good physical, social and emotional health. While there is a risk of injury with any type of physical activity, the benefits of staying active far outweigh the risks.

You can reduce your risk of exercise injury by:

  1. wearing the right shoes
  2. using the correct equipment
  3. drinking water and staying hydrated
  4. warming up and stretching properly
  5. being aware of your surroundings—always exercise and compete in a safe and level area clear of any obstacles or items
  6. maintaining social distancing rules (stay at least six feet away from others)

Stop exercising and seek medical help if you experience symptoms such as:

  1. discomfort or pain
  2. chest pain or other pain that could indicate a heart attack, including pain in the neck and jaw, pain travelling down the arm or pain between the shoulder blades
  3. shortness of breath
  4. a rapid or irregular heartbeat”
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