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You know you’ve made your mark on the world when you are recognized by one name- Elvis, Bono, Ali , Bullet.

This bear of a man with an outsized heart had both a handshake that could (and did) break bones and a tenderness that anyone whose child has ever sat on Santa’s lap knows well.

His  unfiltered style and complete disregard for its consequences made Bullet the freest man I’ve ever known.

Much has  been written about Bullet Sherwood since his passing yesterday, with much more to come, no doubt. The stories that will be told, both outrageous and moving, are the stuff of legend.

He was already a legend by his high school years. Imagine  Bullet , as we’ve known him, as an adolescent!  He famously locked horns at HVRHS with the equally-legendary principal Doc Stoddard by arriving to class in a Santa costume for which Doc kicked Bullet out of school.  Doc won that round, and, yes, Santa Claus was Bullet’s alter ego even back then.

The arc of Bullet’s life reads like a series of larger-than-life stories: military service, auto accidents that would have taken the average man, service to community, service to nonprofits,  love of family,  his eulogy to his son Joey. The list is long.

I’m sure Bullet would describe himself as a simple, uncomplicated man with an equally simple philosophy: ” Pop Cheeks”- his  rebuke of propriety, pretension and convention.

Rest well my friend. We love you and we needed you.

Pop Cheeks

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