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Overdose Awareness Walk In Person or Virtual

The Overdose Awareness Walk will be held Saturday, August 15, 2021 at the Walkway Over The Hudson, Highland Entrance, 87 Haviland Road, Highland, NY 12528.

Virtual participation is also welcome.

The event, which is organized by the Matt Herring Foundation, begins on the Highland side of the Walkway.

Go here to register:

Entry Fees:

$30 per person plus $3.67 signup fee includes T shirt until Aug. 15th.

$25 per person plus $3.36 signup fee, no T shirt until Aug. 15th.

$200 per team up to 15 members plus $14.51 signup fee until Aug. 15th.

$100 for Memorial Banner plus $8.14 signup fee until Aug. 15th.

Participants are encouraged to fundraise in advance of the Walk.

Bring a memorial lock to add to the Overdose Love Lock Gate.

Walk day schedule:

8:30 am  Sign up

9:00 am – Noon  Walk

Guest speakers .

Proceeds from the Walk will benefit the Matt Herring Foundation whose mission is to provide assistance to individuals who are struggling with addiction as well as their families and loved ones, while working with providers, seeking and implementing services and finding alternatives to opiate abstinence.

To learn more, visit

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day.

There were nearly 71,000 overdose deaths in the United States in 2019.

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The crisis has gotten worse

In the past six months the crisis has gotten worse. In that time deaths have increased 18% in Connecticut according to Hartford HealthCare, and I can’t believe it’s much better elsewhere.

Over 130 people a day are dying  in America from the crisis.

No, I’m not talking about the Covid-19 pandemic- that’s today’s crisis. This is the Opioid Overdose crisis- you remember, the one that filled daily newspapers  just a few short months ago with stories of loved ones lost to the scourge and countless reports about collaborations among law enforcement, civic and private organizations scrambling for ways to stem the overdose tide.

It was the most important issue of the day.

But that was yesterday. In March we shifted crises. Since then Covid has replaced Opioid as the operative word, and nary a piece will you read about opioid overdoses.  It’s as if our attention spans can’t juggle simultaneous traumas.

Monday, Aug 31st was International Overdose Awareness Day and it couldn’t have arrived at a better time to remind us that the other crisis is still very much with us. Hundreds of pairs of shoes will dangle from the Burrand Bridge in Vancouver, left by loved ones of overdose deaths.

And to symbolize their losses hundreds more would have clamped Love Locks onto a special gate during the Matt Herring Foundation’s Overdose Awareness Walk on Poughkeepsie’s Walkway Over the Hudson (sadly canceled this year due to the pandemic along with many others on

The International Overdose Awareness Day reminds us that nearly 70,000 people in America, mostly young, die every year from overdoses.

But that was Monday’s reminder. What about tomorrow?



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